Starch crystals under Microscope (artifacts)

Starch crystals from glove powder in urine (artifacts)

Direct Immunofluorescence Test

Direct immunofluorescence test is used to detect unknown antigen in a cell or tissue by employing a known labeled antibody that interacts directly with unknown antigen. If antigen ...

Neutrophil’s drumstick

A drumstick consists of a small nuclear mass, about 1.5µ in diameter, which is attached to the body of the nucleus by means of a thin filament. Drumsticks may occur in any of the ...

Klebsiella, Enterobacter and Escherichia coli on EMB Agar

Klebsiella Characteristic mucoid colonies are a consequence of the organism’s abundant polysaccharide capsule. Lactose-fermenting colonies Escherichia coli colonies Lactose-fermenting ...

A Schematic of the aPTT

Activated Partial Thromboplastin time (aPTT) , is common screening test done to evaluate function of the intrinsic clotting system.

The Complement Fixation Test

The complement fixation test is one of the most established serology methods. This relies on the formation of specific antibody-antigen complex that activate the complement system. ...

Indirect Haemagglutination Test

Antibodies directed against antigens on the surface of red cells cause cross linking so that the cells form a mat instead of a tight button as they fall to the bottom of a microtitre ...

Giardia lamblia trophozoite

Giardia lamblia trophozoite has a classic pear shape, with double nuclei givig an “owl’s eye” appearance References: CDC
Vibrio cholerae on TCBS medium

Thiosulphate Citrate Bile Salts Sucrose Agar ( TCBS agar)

 Thiosulphate Citrate Bile Salts Sucrose AgarTCBS agar is a selective as well as differential culture medium used for selective isolation of Vibrio spp from a variety of clinical and ...
Plasmodium-ovale different stages

Plasmodium ovale

   P. ovale is very limited in its range being limited to west Africa with low  prevalence  (<5%) P.Ovale  has an incubation period of 10–17 days which is sometimes ...
p.vivax with different stages

Plasmodium vivax

   P.vivax Causes 43% of all cases of malaria in the world.  P. vivax was found mainly in the United States, Latin America, and in some parts of Africa.  Plasmodium ...
female Anopheles the vector of the protozoa group Plasmodia


Scientific classification Kingdom: Chromalveolate superphylum : Alveolata phylum : Apicomplexa class  :  Aconoidasida order : Haemosporodia  family : Plasmodiidae genus: Plasmodium  =================== Malaria ...
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