Struvite crystals

Struvite crystals (magnesium ammonium phosphate, triple phosphate) usually appear as colorless, 3-dimensional, prism-like crystals (“coffin lids”). Occasionally, they instead ...

Casts in Urine

waxy casts in urine

Waxy casts have a smooth consistency but are more refractile and therefore easier to see in a regular wet sediment preparation of urine compared to hyaline casts. They commonly have ...

Calcium carbonate crystals

Calcium carbonate crystals are variably sized crystals that frequently appear as large spheroids with radial striations. They can also be seen as smaller crystals with round, ovoid, ...

some casts found in urine

WBCs cast in urine

Mucus thread in urine

Mucus thread in urine do not mix it with casts  

Granular Cast

Hyaline Renal Tubular Cast in Urine

Triple Phosphate Crystals in Urine Sediment

Triple phosphate crystals may be normal but often are associated with alkaline urine and UTI (typically associated with Proteus species). These crystals are colorless and have a characteristic ...
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