Differentiating Monocytes from Large Lymphocytes

  • Top left frame: Monocyte with an irregular outline, gray cytoplasm containing a few azurophilic granules and vacuoles, and a nucleus with an open or lacy chromatin distribution.
  • Lower left frame: 1 Plasmacytoid Lymphocyte. Compare its basophilic cytoplasm with the pale gray cytoplasm of the monocyte in the top left frame and its coarse chromatin with that in the monocyte.
  • Right frame: A partially distorted lymphocyte which contains several large azurophilic granules. It is a Large Granular Lymphocyte (LGL). Below it is a large cell that could be a monocyte or reactive lymphocyte. The cytoplasm is colorless except at the periphery; a common feature of reactive lymphocytes. The evenly distributed nuclear chromatin is slightly more dense than usual in monocytes but less dense than in reactive lymphocytes. Viral infection blood – 100X
Differentiating Monocytes from Large Lymphocytes

Differentiating Monocytes from Large Lymphocytes

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