Hereditary Pelger-Huët anomaly and Pseudo-Pelger-Huët

  • Pelger-Huët anomaly is a benign hereditary condition where the majority of the neutrophils possess bilobed nuclei and The cells appear to function normally.
  • Pseudo-Pelger-Huët is the term used to describe the acquired anomaly resembling Pelger- Huët . “The pseudo- Pelger-Huët anomaly is often acquired in the course of acute or chronic myelogenous leukemia and is a premonitory finding in myelodysplastic syndromes.
  • Pseudo-Pelger-Huët anomalous cells are usually found in the company of immature or leukemic cells.
  • In the second photo you can see Cluster of pseudo Pelger-Huet neutrophils in the bone marrow aspirate of patient with myelodysplastic syndrome. notice the leukemic cells too, and this is key point to differentiate between the benign and leukemic Pelger-Huët anomaly.
Benign Pelger Huet Anomaly

Benign Pelger Huet Anomaly

Pseudo Pelger-Huët - Case of myelodysplastic syndrome

Pseudo Pelger-Huët – Case of myelodysplastic syndrome

Source: ASH Hematology & WadsWorth Center

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