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Overview on Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) – (SGPT)

A physician usually orders an ALT test (and several others) to evaluate a patient who has symptoms of a liver disorder. Some of these symptoms include jaundice, dark urine, nausea, ...
Proerythroblast and polychromatic erythroblasts in the peripheral blood of a newborn infant with haemolytic disease of the newborn.


The proerythroblast varies from 12 to 20 μm in diameter and has a large nucleus that occupies most of the cell. The chromatin strands are fine, giving an even reticular appearance. ...
stages of erythropoiesis

Normoblastic Erythropoiesis

Erythropoiesis is divided into a number of stages. The earliest recognisable red cell precursor in the bone marrow is known as the proerythroblast (Pronormoblast); this gives rise ...
WBC in stool (Fecal Leukocytes)

Leukocytes in Stool (Fecal leukocytes)

The presence of leukocytes in Stool is indicator of inflammation as a result of bacteria. Leukocytes analysis is useful for the differentiation of bacillary dysentery, demonstrating ...

Mumps Antibody Test

Mumps is a viral infection which is spread by respiratory droplets and by contact with items contaminated by saliva of the infected person. Symptoms of mumps include facial pain ...


Myoglobin is a heme-containing and Oxygen binding protein which is present in the cystoplasm of Skeletal and Cardiac muscle cells. It serves as a reservoir of oxygen. When muscle ...
Flame cell

Flame Cell

Flame cells are plasma cells with a distinctive pinkish hue in the outer rim of the cytoplasm. This appearance is thought to be the result of precipitated immunoglobulin. These cells ...

EDTA-Induced Pseudothrombocytopenia seen on blood smear

Pseudothrombocytopenia or spurious thrombocytopenia is an in-vitro sampling problem which may mislead the diagnosis towards the more critical condition of thrombocytopenia. The phenomenon ...
Schistosoma japonicum egg

Schistosoma japonicum

Introduction Schistosoma japonicum is found in China, Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. It causes disease of the bowel with the eggs being passed out in the feces. It differs ...
Blasts with eye catching distinct nucleoli

Blasts with eye catching distinct nucleoli

The prominent features in the arrowed cell of Image are the eye catching distinct nucleoli. The nucleoli, smooth chromatin, high nucleus to cytoplasm ratio and the appearance of accompanying ...
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