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Promyelocytes with Auer rods

Acute promyelocytic leukemia: blood smear with many large promyelocytes with Auer rods

Lymphocytes Variation

Lymphocyte: A: Normal small, mature lymphocyte. B: Small “plasmacytoid” lymphocyte: this cell has increased amounts of darker blue cytoplasm than normal. C: Another variant ...
Different bacterial shapes

Different bacterial shapes

Objects sometimes mistaken for Helminth Eggs and Protozoan Cysts

Taenia saginata and Taenia Solium Egg Differentiation

how can we differentiate between T.saginata(Beef) and T.solium (Pork) The eggs of these two species cannot be differentiated, If differentiation is required, an examination of a gravid ...

Taenia saginata egg in Human Stool

Example of Microscopic Urine Sediment exam results

– Calcium oxalate: moderate – Hyaline casts: 0 – 2/lpf – Mucus: present – White blood cells: 0 – 2/hpf – Yeast: few  

Antibody Classes

Different types of bacterial hemolysis on blood agar

  Different types of bacterial hemolysis on blood agar : Staphylococcus – Hemolysis. A=Beta Hemolysis B=Alpha Hemolysis C=Gamma Hemolysis        

Forms of Leukocytes

Sandwich ELISA

Colony isolation technique

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