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Basophil and Activated Large Lymphocyte

Normal White Blood Cells on a Smear

Normal Lymphocyte on the left and Segmented Neutrophil on the right   Normal Monocyte, notice the folded nucleus and it’s big size comparing to other blood cells   Eosinophil ...
Normal red blood cell - peripheral blood smear

Normal Red Blood Cells on peripheral blood smear

This is a normal peripheral blood smear, you might notice very slightly anisocytosis and poikilocytosis Red cells here are normochormic and central pallor is around 1/3 of cell diameter ...
Normal Bone Marrow - Very high power field

Normal Bone Barrow

This is normal bone marrow smear at low power field magnification, you can see the erythroid island, granulocytes series and megakaryocytes. This marrow is 50% cellular with steatocytes(1) ...
fragmented red blood cell(schistocyte )

fragmented red blood cell or schistocyte

The image was captured from a case of β- thalassemia intermedia; findings include anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, hypochromia, target cells and many fragmented red blood cells The arrow ...
Sahli Hemoglobin Pippete

Sahli Pipettes

Sahli pippetes usually used as Haemoglobin pipettes for dosing the blood with capacity of 20 μl

Can you identify these three leukocytes?

From top to the bottom: Basophil Blast (you don’t specify it’s type) Monocyte It is morphologically impossible to say what kind of blast it is. source:
Artifact (Bee pollen)

Bee pollen artifact similar to Trichuris ova

Stool Analysis shows this shape that looks like Trichuris Trichura ova but infact it’s Artifact (Bee pollen)    
Rouleaux formation

Rouleaux Formation blood smear

The RBC’s here have stacked together in long chains. This is known as “rouleaux formation” and it happens with increased serum proteins, particularly fibrinogen and ...
Chédiak-Higashi syndrome - Large Granules

Blood smear for Chédiak-Higashi syndrome

Chédiak-Higashi syndrome: The granulocytes contain  large abnormal cytoplasmic granules.  
Platelets Clumps

Pseudo-Thrombocytopenia caused by platelet clumps

Platelet clumps are often discovered when a low automated platelet count is investigated. The pseudo-thrombocytopenia is commonly the result of the presence of : cold agglutinins EDTA ...
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