Overview of Albumin

A physician orders a blood albumin test (usually along with several other tests) if a person seems to have symptoms of a liver disorder or nephrotic syndrome. Doctors may also order ...
Urinary Casts Formation

Factors known to be promoters of cast formation

Factors known to be promoters of cast formation are: Increased amount of certain proteins as Albumin, Myoglobin ,and Hemoglobin Urinary stasis Cellular debris Low glomerular filtration ...
Components of Blood

Components of Blood

Blood consists of plasma and formed elements. Plasma, which makes up about 55% of blood, is the straw-colored clear liquid in which cellular elements and dissolved substances (solutes) ...
The Acute Phase Response

The Acute Phase Response

The acute phase response is a nonspecific response to tissue injury or infection; it affects several organs and tissues. During the acute phase response, there is a characteristic ...
Human Serum Albumin

Serum Albumin

Albumin is the predominant plasma protein. It has no known enzymatic or hormonal activity, and accounts for approximately 50% of the protein found in human plasma. Its normal concentrations ...
liver functions

Liver Function Tests

The hepatobiliary tree represents hepatic cells and biliary tract cells. Inflammation of the hepatic cells results in elevation in the alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase ...
common serum liver chemistry tests

Common serum liver chemistry tests

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