Starch crystals under Microscope (artifacts)

Starch crystals from glove powder in urine (artifacts)

Real and Artifact Urine Cast

  (A) – Cast Artifact (B) – Real Hyaline Cast  

Plant origin artifact resemble hookworm egg

  This object may be mistaken for thin shelled hookworm eggs or decorticated Ascaris eggs. The irregular contour of the outer membrane and the general appearance should suggest ...

Pollen grains artifact resemble Taenia eggs

Careful study of the inner mass reveals its lack of typical features of an oncosphere normally seen in Taenia eggs (embryonic hooklets, etc.). Absence of the radial striation is ...

Spur Cell (Acanthocyte) and Burr Cell (Echinocyte) Comparision

Charcot–Leyden crystals

Charcot-Leyden crystals are formed from the breakdown of eosinophils and may be seen in the stool or sputum of patients with parasitic diseases especially tissue-invading parasites ...

Artifact (Bee pollen) in a stool sample

Artifact looks like the egg of Hymenolepis

Artifact looks like the egg of Hymenolepis

Unknown object in a concentrated stool specimen. This object looks like the egg of Hymenolepis but lacks refractile hooks and the polar filaments seen in H. nana.
Acanthocytes on a Blood Smear

Spur cell RBC known as Acanthocyte

Spur cell RBC (Acanthocyte) May be smaller or the size of a normal RBC Irregular narrow-base sharp projections of red cell membrane (looking like cowboy boot spurs) Increased in: End ...
Plant cell confused for helminth eggs in stool

Plant cell confused for helminth eggs in stool

Plant cell in a concentrated wet mount of stool. Such material can be common in stool and may be confused for helminth eggs, although they are usually much larger than the eggs of most ...
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