Summary of Abnormal Red Blood Cell Morphologies and Disease States

Before we start with the abnormal morphologies, let’s talk about normal morphology of Red Blood Cells. Normal mature RBC are biconcave, round discs that are about 6 – 8 in ...

NRBCs and Howell Jolly body

A Howell Jolly body is seen in one red cell (A). Also present are two nucleated red blood cells (B). Nucleated red blood cells (NRBCs): they may look at fist similar to small mature ...

Howell Jolly Bodies

Smooth round dark blue-purple cytoplasmic inclusion May be centrally located or sometimes in the periphery Composed of fragments of DNA Iron stain negative May Resemble: Pappenheimer ...
Common RBC Inclusions Diagram

Common RBC Inclusions Diagram

coarse granules

coarse blue granules of Basophilic stippling

Basophilic stippling is the occurrence of fine, medium, or coarse blue granules uniformly distributed throughout some red blood cells. Fine stippling may be associated with polychromatophilia, ...
Red Blood Cell Morphologies

basophilic stippling – howel jolley bodies – Cabot Ring – Heinz bodies

A: Basophilic Stippling B: Howel-Jolley Bodies C: Cabot’s Ring E: Heinz Bodies
basophilic stippling

Basophilic Stippling

the round, dark-blue granules known as basophilic stippling The granules are composed of precipitated ribosomes and mitochondria in immature red blood cells Basophilic Stippling ...
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