Zones of a blood smear

Feathered edge of peripheral blood smear

Quick scan on low power through entire slide for adequate distribution of cells then Check for platelets clumping & atypical cells at feathered edge. (if there are platelets clumping ...
The criteria of a good blood film

The criteria of a good blood film

  Free from holes caused by grease or dirt on the slide. Not wavy film due to jerky movement during spreading. Free from clear streaks resulted from chipped edge of the spreader ...

Peripheral Blood Smear Examination

An examination at low power (10X ocular, 10x objective) is first performed to evaluate the quality of the smear, ascertain the approximate number of white blood cells and platelets, ...
Neutrophil and Monocyte

Normal Neutrophil and Monocyte in a smear

Tips for making a good blood smear

Tips for making a good blood smear

<1> Clean slides <2> The size of the drop: not more than 10microL < 3> Speed of spreading action: Don’t move it too slow or too fast to have feathered edge smear. <4> ...
blood smear

Macroscopic appearance of blood films

The color of blood smears can reflect severe underlying abnormalities in hematocrit and the presence of abnormal circulating immunoglobins. The smear on the left, from a patient with ...
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