Cold Agglutination x40

Cold Agglutination

This is a disorder in which RBCs – in their own serum or in other serum – clump together (agglutinate) in response to slight cooling (below 86° F it’s <30c). The clumping ...
Signs and symptoms of anemia

Types of Anemia

The following are some of the most common anemias. They are arbitrarily grouped according to RBC color and size; other sources may group them in different ways. 1. Anemia Due to Bleeding: ...
Blood sample hemolysis

Blood sample hemolysis

this is usually caused by a procedural error such as using too small of a needle, or pulling back to hard on the plunger of a syringe used for collecting the sample. The red cells ...

Antistreptolysin O titer

What is Anti-streptolysin O ? Anti-streptolysin O (ASO or ASLO) is the antibody made against streptolysin O, an immunogenic, oxygen-labile hemolytic toxin produced by most strains ...
Staphylococcus - Hemolysis

Staphylococcus – Hemolysis

Some bacteria produce hemolysins, exotoxins that cause red blood cells (RBC’s) to burst open (hemolyse).When these bacteria are cultured on blood agar, this hemolysis is visible ...
Staphylococcus aureus

Staphylococcus aureus

– gram positive cocci – nonmotile – Catalase: positive – Oxidase: negative – facultative anaerobic – grape-like clusters under microscope – ...
Hemolysis Diagram

Hemolysis Diagram

A=Beta Hemolysis B=Alpha Hemolysis C=Gamma

Different types of bacterial hemolysis on blood agar

  Different types of bacterial hemolysis on blood agar : Staphylococcus – Hemolysis. A=Beta Hemolysis B=Alpha Hemolysis C=Gamma Hemolysis        
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