Summary of Abnormal Red Blood Cell Morphologies and Disease States

Before we start with the abnormal morphologies, let’s talk about normal morphology of Red Blood Cells. Normal mature RBC are biconcave, round discs that are about 6 – 8 in ...

Poikilocytosis and RBC inclusions associated with asplenic patients

The RBC in the center of the field contains several Howell-Jolly bodies, or inclusions of nuclear chromatin remnants. There is also a nucleated RBC just beneath this RBC. Abnormal ...
Common RBC Inclusions Diagram

Common RBC Inclusions Diagram

Howell-Jolly bodies

Howell-Jolly bodies in a thin blood smear stained with Giemsa

Howell-Jolly bodies are inclusion that may be seen in splenectomized patients or patients with an otherwise non-functioning or atrophic spleen, and in patients with severe anemia or ...
Pappen Heimer Bodies

Pappenheimer bodies VS Howell-Jolly bodies Differentiation

These inclusions are blue-purple in color, irregular in shape and located on the periphery of the cell. They were are Pappenheimer bodies. some people may think these inclusions ...
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