Complete Blood Count (CBC)

A complete blood count (CBC): is the most widely requested and single most important lab test on blood. Many CBCs are done as routine screens – tests that provide general information ...


The term ‘microcytosis’ means small red cells. The three main causes are iron deficiency, some cases of the anemia of chronic disease, and the thalassemia syndromes. Sideroblastic ...
CBC with megaloblastic anemia

CBC with megaloblastic anemia

CBC with megaloblastic anemia ==================== The CBC here shows a markedly increased MCV, typical for megaloblastic anemia. The MCV can be mildly increased in persons recovering ...
Iron and CPC Studies in Thalassemia vs Iron Defiency

Iron and CBC Studies in Thalassemia vs Iron Defiency

Normal and Macrocytic RBCs Comparision

Macrocytic Red Blood Cell

Macrocytic RBC: MCV >100* Slightly larger than a normal mature RBC which correlates to the MCV of >100 fL Round to oval in shape (lacks a nucleus similar to the normal RBC) Cytoplasm ...
CPC Diagram for Iron Deficiency Anemia

CBC diagram iron deficiency anemia

This is CBC diagram from patient with iron deficiency anemia, notice that: Hemoglobin, Hematocrit is decreased —> Anemia MCV is low —> Microcytic Anemia MCH is low ...
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