Summary of Abnormal Red Blood Cell Morphologies and Disease States

Before we start with the abnormal morphologies, let’s talk about normal morphology of Red Blood Cells. Normal mature RBC are biconcave, round discs that are about 6 – 8 in ...

Morphologic Evaluation of Red Blood Cells

Shape: Biconcave disc. Diameter : 7 ~ 8 μm. Central pallor occupy 1/3 rd of total cell diameter. Size : approx. same as nucleus of mature small lymphocyte.

rbc morphology in urine

Ghost RBC seen in hypotonic urine Crenated RBC seen in hypertonic urine

Elements of the Blood

RBC and WBC in Urine Sediment

RBC and WBC in Urine Sediment

RBC and WBC in Urine Sediment – The upper arrow shows white blood cell – The lower arrow shows red blood cell
Rouleaux formation

Rouleaux Formation blood smear

The RBC’s here have stacked together in long chains. This is known as “rouleaux formation” and it happens with increased serum proteins, particularly fibrinogen and ...
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