Summary of red blood cellsmorphology

Summary of Abnormal Red Blood Cell Morphologies and Disease States

Before we start with the abnormal morphologies, let’s talk about normal morphology of Red Blood Cells. Normal mature RBC are biconcave, round discs that are about 6 – 8 in ...
Hemoglobin C Crystals and Target Cells

Hemoglobin C Diease and Trait laboratory diagnosis

Hemoglobin C (HbC) is an abnormal hemoglobin in which substitution of a glutamic acid with a lysine at the 6th position of the β-globin chain This mutation is either heterozygous ...
Schistocyte in a case of β- thalassemia intermedia

Schistocyte in a case of β- thalassemia intermedia

This smear from a β- thalassemia intermedia patient, the arrow point to a Schistocyte The Findings: – Anisocytosis – Poikilocytosis – Hypochromia – Target ...
Target Cell Appearance (Bull's Eye)

Codocytes known as Target Cells

Codocytes (“target cells”) are thin, hypochromatic cells with a round area of central pigmentation. Codocytes are characteristically seen after splenectomy, and in patients ...
Hypochromic and Microcytic Red Cells

Hypochromic microcytic anemia on peripheral smear

This is hypochormic microcytic anemia condition Hypochormic as central pallor zone increased in most red cells Microcytic as cells are smaller than normal Anisocytosis (variation in ...
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