Yeasts identification on Cornmeal Agar (CMA)

(a) Candida albicans: green, smooth colonies; CMA: large, thick-walled chlamydospore, usually terminal and present singly or in small clusters along with clusters of round blastoconidia.

(b) Candida tropicalis: blue colonies (sometimes pink); CMA: oval blastoconidia singly or in very small groups all along graceful, long pesudohyphae.

(c) Candida krusei: large, spreading pink colonies with matt surface; CMA: pseudohyphae with blastoconidia forming cross-matchstick appearance.

(d) Candida parapsilosis: off-white to pale pink large colonies; CMA: short, pencil-like pseudohyphae with blastoconidia arranged singly along pseudohyphae.

(e) Candida rugosa: white, pasty colonies with a blue hue; CMA: yeast cells with bunch-like, short pseudohyphae bearing blastoconidia.

(f) Candida glabrata: pink, small glossy colonies; CMA: yeast cells only.

(g) Candida hemulonii: pale pink colonies; CMA: round to oval yeast cells only.

(h) Trichosporon asahii: tiny, rough, dry-looking dirty blue colonies with a powdery surface; CMA: hyphae, pseudohyphae and arthroconidia.

(i) Candida utilis: pink, glossy colonies; CMA: ovoid yeast cells.

(j) Candida sphaerica: pink, matt colonies; CMA: large, ovoid yeast cells.

(k) Candida pelliculosa: dark pink matt colonies; CMA: small, oval yeast cells

Yeasts identification on Cornmeal agar (CMA)

Yeasts identification on Cornmeal agar (CMA)


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