P-LCR Parameter – Platelet large cell ratio

  • P-LCR means Platelet large cell ratio and it’s calculated in automated blood analyzers using this formula:
    • P-LCR = P-LCC/PLT.
    • PLT = Total Platelets Count.
    • P-LCC = platelets larger than 12 fl and smaller than 30fl.
    • Note: fL= femtoliter which is is the metric unit of volume equal to 10−15 litres.
  • Increased percentage of large platelets (P-LCR) is observed in patients with Hyperlipidaemia and suggest possible risk of thrombosis.
  • An increase in P-LCR + MPV + PDW has been observed in autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura.
    • MPV (mean platelet volume) – the average volume of platelets (normal 10.7 PL).
    • PDW the relative width of the distribution of platelets in volume index of the heterogeneity of platelets.
P-LCR (Platelet large cell ratio)

P-LCR (Platelet large cell ratio)

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