Corynebacterium diphtheriae on tellurite agar

Corynebacterium diphtheriae on tellurite agar

Tellurite Blood Agar is a selective medium used for isolation and cultivation of Corynebacterium species. Potassium tellurite acts as a selective agent and has inhibitory activity ...


Spirochaetes are tightly coiled, flexible rods. This bright-field micrograph shows a marine species of Spirochaeta (arrow). Notice the bend in the center of the cell. Cell dimensions ...
Sputum smear, gram staining

Sputum smear

Sputum smear , fungal elements gram staining
Buccal smear

Buccal smear

Buccal smear stained with methylene blue  
Tetrad Arrangement

Tetrad Arrangement

Tetrad Arrangement (Gram Stain) of Micrococcus roseus grows in squared packets of cells, evident even when they are bunched together. The normal habitat for Micrococcus species is ...
Pigment Production

Pigment Production on Slants

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Klebsiella pneumoniae Left to right: glucose, lactose, maltose, mannitole, sucrose and indole tests

Salmonella-Shigella plates (s.s agar)

Salmonella-Shigella platesSalmonella-Shigella agar plates contain lactose, bile salts, ferric citrate, and neutral red. The bile salts select for Gram-negative bacteria. The other components ...

Growth Patterns in Thioglycollate Medium

Growth patterns of a variety of organisms are shown in these Fluid Thioglycollate Broths. Pictured from left to right are: aerotolerant anaerobe, facultative anaerobe, strict anaerobe, ...

Micrococcus luteus Grown on Brain–Heart Infusion Agar

These colonies are yellow, smooth, and convex with a regular margin. They range in size from 1 to 3 mm. M. luteus is common in soil, dust, and on human skin.

E.coli on MAC agar

how to report an acid fast bacillis examined in sputum smear

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