Erythrocytes and Granulocytes Functions

  Erythrocyte: Usually biconcave and circular outline, devoid of a nucleus. Number in man varies between 5 and 5.5 million per cubic mm of blood. Erythrocytes carry oxygen from ...

Elements of the Blood

Neutrophil – Basophil and Activated Lymphocyte in a smear

normal blood smear

normal blood smear

Basophil - notice the dark granules


Basophils are a specific type of white blood cell. These cells are readily stained with basic dyes (this is where the name comes from). Note the dark grains inside the cellular fluid ...
Basophil and Activated Large Lymphocyte

Normal White Blood Cells on a Smear

Normal Lymphocyte on the left and Segmented Neutrophil on the right   Normal Monocyte, notice the folded nucleus and it’s big size comparing to other blood cells   Eosinophil ...

Can you identify these three leukocytes?

From top to the bottom: Basophil Blast (you don’t specify it’s type) Monocyte It is morphologically impossible to say what kind of blast it is. source:
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