WBC in stool (Fecal Leukocytes)

Leukocytes in Stool (Fecal leukocytes)

The presence of leukocytes in Stool is indicator of inflammation as a result of bacteria. Leukocytes analysis is useful for the differentiation of bacillary dysentery, demonstrating ...

Neutrophil’s drumstick

A drumstick consists of a small nuclear mass, about 1.5µ in diameter, which is attached to the body of the nucleus by means of a thin filament. Drumsticks may occur in any of the ...

Erythrocytes and Granulocytes Functions

  Erythrocyte: Usually biconcave and circular outline, devoid of a nucleus. Number in man varies between 5 and 5.5 million per cubic mm of blood. Erythrocytes carry oxygen from ...

Neutrophil – Basophil and Activated Lymphocyte in a smear

Neutrophil, Macrophage and Myeloid-Derived Dendritic Cell Function

Neutrophil Maturation Diagram

Neutrophil Maturation Diagram

Proxidase positive neutrophil

Proxidase positive neutrophil

Several Platelets surround Neutrophil

Platelet Satellitosis

Small platelets or platelet aggregates surrounding the cell membrane of a neutrophil or monocyte , this is called “Platelet Satellitism” Found in: EDTA in vitro induced ...
Neutrophil and Monocyte

Normal Neutrophil and Monocyte in a smear

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