Klebsiella on MacConkey

Klebsiella characteristics on MacConkey Agar

Granulocyte during degradation

Segmented neutrophilic granulocyte during degradation

Segmented neutrophilic granulocyte during degradation, often seen as an artifact after prolonged sample storage (more than eight hours).
Tinea pedis - Feet Dermatophyte infection

Dermatophyte – Tinea pedis

Tinea pedis is dermatophyte infection of the feet. Its distribution is International-wide, however more common in nations the place there’s able get admission to to communal ...
Heart Attack - Cardiac Markers

Creatinine Phosphate Kinase (CPK) and CK-MB Overview

CK (Creatinine Phosphate Kinase) is ordered in patients who may have had a heart attack. The test will usually be ordered when a patient arrives at the emergency room and again at ...
Bad vs Good Cholesterol

Total Cholesterol Overview

Cholesterol is different from most tests in that it is not used to diagnose or monitor a disease but is used to estimate risk of developing a disease — specifically heart disease. ...
Rapid Chlamydia Antigen Detection Test

Chlamydia Antigen Overview

 A doctor may order the test if you have symptoms such as vaginal discharge and abdominal pain (for women) or unusual discharge from the penis or pain on urination (for men). However, ...
Calcium Regulation

Serum Calcium (Ca)

Calcium is often used as a screening test as part of a general medical examination. It is typically included in the comprehensive metabolic panel. Calcium can be used as a diagnostic ...
Carcinoembryonic Antigen - CEA

Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) Tumor Marker

CEA is most useful to monitor treatment of cancer patients. It is used with patients who have had surgery to measure response to therapy and to monitor whether the disease is recurring. ...
CA 19-9 Pancreas Cancer Tumor Marker

CA 19-9 Tumor Marker Overview

CA 19-9 is not sensitive or specific enough to be considered useful as a tool for cancer screening. Its main use is as a tumor marker:  to help differentiate between cancer of the ...

CA15-3 Tumor Marker Overview

CA 15-3 is not sensitive or specific enough to be considered useful as a tool for cancer screening. Its main use is as a tumor marker to monitor a patient’s response to breast cancer ...
Creatinine and Creatinine Clearance

Creatinine Clearance Overview

The creatinine clearance test may be ordered whenever a doctor wants to evaluate the filtration ability of the kidneys. It may be ordered when a patient has increased blood creatinine ...
CA125 Tumor Marker

CA-125 Tumor Marker Overview

CA-125 is a Tumor Marker used to monitor therapy during treatment for ovarian cancer. CA-125 is also used to detect whether cancer has come back after treatment is complete. This test ...
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