White blood cells: Description, Classification and Formation

Description and Classification White blood cells are described and classified in several ways: 1. By function:Defense cells; phagocytes (granulocytes, macrophages) Cells that produce ...

Blood Cells and Platelets

The blood has three types of formed elements: erythrocytes (red blood cells), leukocytes (white blood cells), and platelets or thrombocytes . Erythrocytes:  Also called red blood ...

Gram stain of wound specimen

This is a gram stain smear of wound infection, notice the gram positive cocci and neutrophils.

Elements of the Blood

Leukocytes Morphology

Pelger- Huët anomaly

Pelger- Huët anomaly

Pelger- Huët anomaly is a benign hereditary condition recognized by the bilobed nucleus of most neutrophils. The cells appear to function normally. Pseudo– Pelger-Huët is the ...
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