Starch crystals under Microscope (artifacts)

Starch crystals from glove powder in urine (artifacts)

Difference between amorphous Urate and Phosphate

The distinction between amorphous urates and amorphous phosphates is often made on the urinary pH basis but the following can help in differentiation: Phosphate is seen in alkaline ...

Factors known to be promoters of cast formation

Factors known to be promoters of cast formation are: Increased amount of certain proteins as Albumin, Myoglobin ,and Hemoglobin Urinary stasis Cellular debris Low glomerular filtration ...

Calcium Oxalate crystals (monohydrate)

Calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals vary in size and may have a spindle, oval, or dumbbell shape. Found normally in urine after ingestion of vit C, tomato, spinch, garlic , orange.

Urine Ketone, When it’s ordered ?

Urine Ketone usually ordered for these purposes: Screening for ketonuria in pregnant women because ketoacidosis is a prominent factor that contributes to intrauterine death. Screening ...

Calcium phosphate crystals in urine

Calcium phosphate crystals are normal in urine and their appearance look like a large flat-shaped plates orwedge-shaped prisms. THe prisms often appear in rosettes. Single prisms are ...

Muddy brown granular casts

Urine sediment showing multiple, muddy brown granular casts.  These findings are highly suggestive of acute tubular necrosis in a patient with Acute kidney injury (Acute renal failure).

Purple Urine Bag Syndrome

Purple urine bag syndrome (PUBS) is a rare condition, in which the patient has a purple-colored urine tubes or bags following urinary catheterization for hours to months. It is usually ...

Indinavir Urine Crystals

Indinavir is used along with other medications to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Indinavir  crystals tend to be either flat rectangular plates, fan-shaped, or ...

Uric Acid Crystal Image

Triple phosphate under polarized microscope

variation in Triple phosphate crystals

Triple phosphate (ammonium magnesium phosphate) crystals are commonly seen in alkaline urine. In their routine form, they are easily identified by their prism shape that frequently resembles ...
Uric acid crystals under polarized light (x400).

Variations of Uric acid crystals in urine

Uric acid crystals are seen in a variety of shapes, including rhombic, four-sided flat plates (whetstones), wedges, and rosettes.Form in urine when pH < 5.5 They usually appear ...
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