Granular Cast - High Power Field

Granular Cast

The structure shown is a granular cast      
uric acid crystals

Uric Acid Crystals in Urine

It’s Uric Acid Crystals, Uric acid crystals are diamond or barrel shaped crystals that are typically yellow to orange-brown in color. They can be found in normal urine but may ...
Triple Phosphate Crystals - Low power field

Alkaline Urine – Triple Phosphate Crystals

 This is Alkaline Urine: notice triple phosphate crystals These “triple phosphate” crystals look like rectangles, or coffin lids     Source & References: ...
Oxalate Crystals

calcium oxalate crystals and squamous epithelial cells

The elements present in the low power field include:  calcium oxalate crystals and squamous epithelial cells. calcium oxalate crystals in the high power field x40, note the letter ...
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