sulfonamide crystals in urine

Sulfanomide crystals are considered abnormal in urine. Appearance: flat needles, sheaves of small needles or as spheroids. Often brown in color. The presence of sulfanomide crystals ...

Bacteria in urine sediments

Bacteria can be identified in unstained urine sediments when present in sufficient numbers by their characteristic rod shapes. This is more readily done for bacilli than cocci, which ...

Calcium oxalate dihydrate and monohydrate

Urine Crystals formation based on Urine pH


rbc morphology in urine

Ghost RBC seen in hypotonic urine Crenated RBC seen in hypertonic urine

amorphous crystals

Few common Artifacts and elements in Urinalysis

A. Hair B. Pollen grain C. Talcum powder D. Air bubble E. Fat droplets F. Cloth fiber   The object at the pointer is glove powder, it’s common artifact you might ...

Causes if False-Positive and False-Negative Urinalysis Results


Common causes of Urine discolouration


Real and Artifact Urine Cast

  (A) – Cast Artifact (B) – Real Hyaline Cast  

False urine dipstick results duo to strong oxidizing agent

  This patient had a Urinalysis, the dipstick results were as follow: Glucose – 100 mg/dL Bilirubin – neg Ketone – neg Specific Gravity – 1.010 Blood – ...

Urine Crystals Forms

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