False urine dipstick results duo to strong oxidizing agent


This patient had a Urinalysis, the dipstick results were as follow:

  • Glucose – 100 mg/dL
  • Bilirubin – neg
  • Ketone – neg
  • Specific Gravity – 1.010
  • Blood – small
  • pH – 6.0
  • Protein – neg
  • Urobilinogen – normal
  • Nitrite – neg
  • Leukocyte – small

As you can see, the dipstick results shows positive Glucose and some rbc and wbc , while in microscopic examination (picture below) Only yeast can be seen in this field. The rbc result from the dipstick could be due to the presence of myoglobin or free hemoglobin, but since the wbc result was also falsely increased, the most likely explanation is that a strong oxidizing agent, such as bleach, was present. In this case, the glucose result (100 mg/dL) could also be falsely increased.

Urine Microscopic Examination - Yeasts

Urine Microscopic Examination – Yeasts


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