Urine Ketone, When it’s ordered ?

Urine Ketone usually ordered for these purposes:
  1. Screening for ketonuria in pregnant women because ketoacidosis is a prominent factor that contributes to intrauterine death.
  2. Screening for ketonuria in persons with diabetes
  3. Screening for ketonuria in persons with Acidosis: to judge the severity of acidosis and to monitor the response to treatment.

The principle of chemical strip testing:

  • This test is based on the development of colors ranging from buff-pink, for a negative reading, to purple when acetoacetic acid reacts with sodium nitroprusside.
  • Urine testing only detects acetoacetic acid, not the other ketones, acetone or beta-hydroxybuteric acid.
Ketone Urine Strip

Ketone Urine Strip


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