hypochromic microcytic anemia i

hypochromic microcytic anemia

Note the larger zones of central pallor in these small RBCs, along with poikilocytosis. The most common cause for a hypochromic microcytic anemia is iron deficiency. The most common ...
Normal and Microcytic RBC

Microcytic Red Blood Cell

Microcytic RBC: MCV <80* : Slightly smaller than a normal mature RBC which correlates to the MCV of <80 fL pallor is usually present (as opposed to a microspherocyte) Can be ...
Hypochromic and Microcytic Red Cells

Hypochromic microcytic anemia on peripheral smear

This is hypochormic microcytic anemia condition Hypochormic as central pallor zone increased in most red cells Microcytic as cells are smaller than normal Anisocytosis (variation in ...
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