Indirect ELISA Diagram


Sandwich Elisa Diagram


Autoantibody is harmful antibody that attacks components of the own body called self antigens. Autoantibodies damage body tissues by phagocytosis (ingestion) or lysis (bursting) ...

Antibody to Hepatitis B Surface Antigen

The diagnostic panel for HBV

Steps of Inflammatory Response

Neutrophil, Macrophage and Myeloid-Derived Dendritic Cell Function

Interleukens and their Cell Target

Antibody Classes

Sandwich ELISA

Direct Immunofluroscence

In direct immunofluroscence the object is visualized using a fluorescein-ragged antibody directed against epitopes on the microorganism or antigen
Inactivating antigens by antibodies binding

How antibodies neutralize antigens ?

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