Pappenheimer bodies VS Howell-Jolly bodies Differentiation

These inclusions are blue-purple in color, irregular in shape and located on the periphery of the cell. They were are Pappenheimer bodies. some people may think these inclusions as Howell-Jolly bodies. While both Howell-Jolly and Pappenheimer bodies may be present in single or multiple forms, Howell-Jolly bodies are round in shape and larger in size compared to those of Pappenheimer bodies.

“Pappenheimer bodies are formed as the red cell discharges its abnormal iron-containing mitochondria. An autophagosome is created that digests the offending organelles. If the autophagosome is not discharged out of the cytoplasm or removed by the pitting action of the spleen, the inclusions will be visible on Wright-Giemsa stained blood films. Their true nature is confirmed with an iron stain.

Pappenheimer bodies are observed in megaloblastic anemias, thalassemia, sideroblastic anemia and post-splenectomy. Their presence was observed in this case of myeloproliferative disorder

Pappen Heimer Bodies

Pappen Heimer Bodies

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