Entamoeba coli parasite

Introduction: Entamoeba coli are a non-pathogenic ameba with world wide distribution. Its life cycle is similar to that of E. histolytica but it does not have an invasive stage and ...

Entamoeba coli Cysts in feces

Entamoeba coli Cysts in feces (iodine stain, oil immersion). In these two cysts, five or six of the eight nuclei are visible in the plane of focus.     Reference: http://ruby.fgcu.edu

artifacts in stool

Iodine stain. Left, an Entamoeba coli trophozoite. Right, this artefact is morphologically like a trophozoite, but the inside “nucleus” is actually superimposed fecal debris.    

Cysts of Entamoeba coli

Cysts of Entamoeba coli are usually spherical, but may be elongated, and measure 10 to 35 µm. Mature cysts typically have 8 nuclei but may have as many as 16 or more. Entamoeba coli ...
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