Normal White Blood Cells on a Smear

  • Normal Lymphocyte on the left and Segmented Neutrophil on the right
normal lymphocyte and neutrophilnormal lymphocyte and neutrophil

normal lymphocyte and neutrophil


  • Normal Monocyte, notice the folded nucleus and it’s big size comparing to other blood cells
normal monocyte

normal monocyte


  • Eosinophil with its reddish granules
  • Small Lymphocyte
  • Eosinophil Cells usually increase in parasitic infections and allergic conditions
Eosinphil and Lymphocyte

Eosinophil and Lymphocyte


  • Normal Basophil with very dark blue granules
  • Band Neutrophil at the left side
  • Large activated lymphocyte on the right
Basophil and Activated Large Lymphocyte

Basophil and Activated Large Lymphocyte

Monocyte(Left) and Small Lymphocyte(Right)

Monocyte(Left) and Small Lymphocyte(Right)

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