Yeasts identification on Cornmeal agar (CMA)

Yeasts identification on Cornmeal Agar (CMA)

(a) Candida albicans: green, smooth colonies; CMA: large, thick-walled chlamydospore, usually terminal and present singly or in small clusters along with clusters of round blastoconidia. ...

Reproduction in fungi

Fungi reproduce by either: 1- Sexual reproduction: formation of Zygospore, ascospores or basidiospores 2- Asexual reproduction : – Budding or fission – Asexual spores ...
Candida glabrata yeasts

Microscopic Morphologic Features of Yeast

The cells shown in Image below are arthroconidia, some showing buds coming off of adjacent corners. This feature is diagnostic for Trichosporon species. The yeast cells of Cryptococcus ...
microscopic image of Penicillium sp

1- hypha
2- conidiophore
3- phialide
4- conida
5- septa

Terminology Related to Morphologic Features of Molds

Several morphologic terms are used to help identify species of fungi: Ascocarp: A large saclike structure in which sexual spores are produced. Asci: Smaller sacs within an ascocarp ...
colony of Rhodotorula Rubra

Morphologic Features of Yeast Colonies

Yeast will grow on bacteriological media (sheep blood agar and chocolate agar). They may appear as small, creamy or white colonies that are somewhat more raised than staphylococcal ...
Fungi Forms

Forms of Fungi

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