Complete Blood Count (CBC)

A complete blood count (CBC): is the most widely requested and single most important lab test on blood. Many CBCs are done as routine screens – tests that provide general information ...

Bacteria in urine sediments

Bacteria can be identified in unstained urine sediments when present in sufficient numbers by their characteristic rod shapes. This is more readily done for bacilli than cocci, which ...
Entamoeba coli cys and WBC in Stool

Comparison between Entomoeba coli and WBCs in stool samples

This is comparison between Entomoeba coli cyst and WBCs in stool samples, so don’t get confused  
Elements of the Blood

Elements of the Blood

Calcium Oxalate Crystals and Mucus

Example of Microscopic Urine Sediment exam results

– Calcium oxalate: moderate – Hyaline casts: 0 – 2/lpf – Mucus: present – White blood cells: 0 – 2/hpf – Yeast: few  
Basophil - notice the dark granules


Basophils are a specific type of white blood cell. These cells are readily stained with basic dyes (this is where the name comes from). Note the dark grains inside the cellular fluid ...
RBC and WBC in Urine Sediment

RBC and WBC in Urine Sediment

RBC and WBC in Urine Sediment – The upper arrow shows white blood cell – The lower arrow shows red blood cell
How we report white blood cells count in urinalysis

How we report white blood cells count in urinalysis

Learn how we report wbc count in high power field of Urinalysis
Basophil and Activated Large Lymphocyte

Normal White Blood Cells on a Smear

Normal Lymphocyte on the left and Segmented Neutrophil on the right   Normal Monocyte, notice the folded nucleus and it’s big size comparing to other blood cells   Eosinophil ...
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