Granular Cast - High Power Field

Granular Cast

The structure shown is a granular cast      
uric acid crystals

Uric Acid Crystals in Urine

It’s Uric Acid Crystals, Uric acid crystals are diamond or barrel shaped crystals that are typically yellow to orange-brown in color. They can be found in normal urine but may ...
Triple Phosphate Crystals - Low power field

Alkaline Urine – Triple Phosphate Crystals

 This is Alkaline Urine: notice triple phosphate crystals These “triple phosphate” crystals look like rectangles, or coffin lids     Source & References: ...
Jaundice Symptoms

Jaundice Symptoms and causes

Jaundice: is the yellowing of the skin and the eyes 1) Pre-hepatic (hemolytic): The pathology is occurring prior to the liver. Sickle cell anemia Spherocytosis Thalassemia G6PD deficiency Hemolytic ...
Oxalate Crystals

calcium oxalate crystals and squamous epithelial cells

The elements present in the low power field include:  calcium oxalate crystals and squamous epithelial cells. calcium oxalate crystals in the high power field x40, note the letter ...
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