Tyrosine Crystals

Tyrosine crystals In Urine

Tyrosine crystals are abnormal in urine Appearance: colorless to yellow-brown single needles. Also seen as sheaves or rosettes. Tyrosine crystals may be seen in tyrosinemia and ...
Squamous epithelial cells (arrows)

Squamous epithelial cells in Urine Sediment

Squamous epithelial cells These are often present in the urinary sediment They are large and irregularly shaped, with a small nucleus and fine granular cytoplasm  
Dihydrate Calcium Oxalate - Envelope Shape

Different Forms of Calcium Oxlalate crystals

Calcium Oxlalate crystals are normal in urine. Appearance: colorless, many forms: Dihydrate: octahedral (“envelope”) is most common Monohydrate: dumbbell, ovoid, or ...
Bilirubin crystals

Bilirubin crystals in hepatic disorders

Bilirubin crystals are abnormal crystals in urine. Appearance: Yellow-brown needles or granules. They are frequently attached to the surface of cells. Bilirubin crystals are seen ...
Cystine Crystals ,colorless, thin, hexagonal plates

Cystine Crystals in Urine

Cystine Crystals are abnormal in urine. Appearance: colorless, thin, hexagonal plates. Cystine crystals are found in the inherited condition, cystinuria. Cystine crystals are the most ...
Xanthochromia at the right tube, notice the yellow color

What is Xanthochromia ?

Xanthochromia: It is the yellowish appearance of cerebrospinal fluid. Seen in: Subarachnoid hemorrhage Tests: CT, a type of brain scan Lumbar puncture The tube at the right side
White Blood Cells, Bacteria and Mucus Strands

Bacteria, Mucus and White Blood cells in Urine Sediment

There are white blood cells, bacteria and mucus present.The number of white blood cells could suggest the presence of a urinary tract infection. If the white blood cells were not present,the ...
Oxalate and Uric Acid Crystals in Acidic Urine

Oxalate and Uric Acid Crystals in Acidic Urine

Left is Oxalate Crystals , Right is Uric Acid Crystals Note the PH of the Urine sample was 6

Glitter Cells in Hypotonic Urine

in hypotonic urine usually below < 1.005, the granules in vital white blood cell shows Brownian movements, these cells usually seen in Urinary Tract Infections, these cells called ...
Cystin Crystals in Urine Sediment

cystine crystals in urine sediment

These are cystine crystals. they  are soluble in ammonia they are soluble in alkaline pH
Sulfonamide crystals

Sufla Crystals that resemble Uric Acid Crystals

Sulfa crystals from the urinary sediment of a patient taking (sulfamethoxazol), These crystals resemble crystals of uric acid or calcium oxalate, but sulfa crystals are soluble in acetone     Sulfa ...
red blood cells, white blood cells, and yeast

red and white blood cells, and yeast in urine sediment

The cells shown in this field are red blood cells, white blood cells, and yeast  
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