Amorphous Urate or Phosphate Crystals

Difference between amorphous Urate and Phosphate

The distinction between amorphous urates and amorphous phosphates is often made on the urinary pH basis but the following can help in differentiation: Phosphate is seen in alkaline ...
Urinary Casts Formation

Factors known to be promoters of cast formation

Factors known to be promoters of cast formation are: Increased amount of certain proteins as Albumin, Myoglobin ,and Hemoglobin Urinary stasis Cellular debris Low glomerular filtration ...
Calcium Oxalate crystals (monohydrate)

Calcium Oxalate crystals (monohydrate)

Calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals vary in size and may have a spindle, oval, or dumbbell shape. Found normally in urine after ingestion of vit C, tomato, spinch, garlic , orange.
Ketone Urine Strip

Urine Ketone, When it’s ordered ?

Urine Ketone usually ordered for these purposes: Screening for ketonuria in pregnant women because ketoacidosis is a prominent factor that contributes to intrauterine death. Screening ...
Blue Urine - Blue Diaper Syndrome

Blue Diaper syndrome

Blue diaper syndrome is a rare, autosomal recessive metabolic disorder characterized in infants by bluish urine-stained diapers. It is caused by a defect in tryptophan absorption. ...

Anticardiolipin Antibody (ACA, Cardiolipin Antibodies)

Cardiolipin antibodies are the most common form of antiphospholipid antibodies. The antibodies play an important role in the blood clotting process. When autoantibodies (anticardiolipin ...
Cardiac Markers and time of elevation

Cardiac Markers and time of elevation

Creatine kinase (CK) It’s an enzyme found primarily in the heart and skeletal muscles, and in smaller amounts in the brain. When the total CK level is substantially elevated, ...
Red Blood Cell Compatibility Test

Red Blood Cell Compatibility Test


Amylase Serum

Amylase is an enzyme found primarily in the pancreas and salivary glands and in minor amounts in the liver and fallopian tubes. Its function is to assist in the digestion of complex ...

Acid Phosphatase (Prostatic Acid Phosphatase [PAP])

Acid phosphatase, also known as prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), is an enzyme found primarily in the prostate gland, with high concentrations found in the seminal fluid. It is ...
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