• Hemocytometry means the use of the hemocytometer counting chamber to count blood cells (to count WBC, RBC, and Platelets, as will as, counting cells in other body fluids, e.g. CSF and semen analysis).
  • Hemocytometer is a counting chamber device made of heavy glass with strict specifications, it resemble a glass slide. Also, the hemacytometer have a special glass slide manufactured to strict specifications, it is very thick and non-flexible.
  • There are many types of hemocytometers, in which they differ in rulings, but the commonest and the easiest one is the Improved Neubauer Chamber, bright line type. When viewing the hemocytometer from the top (figure below), it has 2 raised platforms surrounded by depressions on three sides, each raised platform has a ruled counting area marked off by precise lines etched into the glass. The raised areas and depression form H letter, this “H” has two coverglass supports on each side which are exactly 0.1 mm higher than the raised platforms.
  • The coverglass is placed on top of the coverglass supports so it covers both ruled areas. The depth between the bottom of the ruled area and the coverglass is exactly 0.1 mm. So, coverglass function is to confines the fluid and regulates the depth of the fluid to be applied.


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