Human adenoviruses (HAdV)

  • Human adenoviruses (HAdV) belong to the family Adenoviridae and the genus Mastadenovirus. Seven HAdV species are formally recognized by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, indicated by letters A-G and encompassing the 54 accepted HAdV types, designated by numbers 1 through 54.
  • The clinical manifestations of HAdV infection varies with the species and type of virus, ranging from asymptomatic infection to mild respiratory (HAdV-B1, HAdV-C, HAdV-E), gastrointestinal (HAdV-F), and ocular (HAdV-B, HAdV-D, HAdV-E) disease.
  • Life threatening pneumonia, septicemia and endocarditis are also possible in immunecompromised individuals or those with an underlying a comorbidity.
Human adenoviruses (HAdV)

Human adenoviruses (HAdV)

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