Gram stain for sputum smear from cystic fibrosis patient

This is gram stain of sputum specimen taken from patient with cystic fibrosis: notice the white blood cells and the encapsulated gram negative rods.

Gram stain of wound specimen

This is a gram stain smear of wound infection, notice the gram positive cocci and neutrophils.
Tetrad Arrangement

Tetrad Arrangement

Tetrad Arrangement (Gram Stain) of Micrococcus roseus grows in squared packets of cells, evident even when they are bunched together. The normal habitat for Micrococcus species is ...

Using KOH Test as Gram stain confirmation

  the KOH test is a confirmation test of the Gram stain, especially with difficult bacterial species. The Gram stain is the basis for identification & classification in ...
Gram Staining Procedures

Gram Staining – Slide with cover slip method

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