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Chromatin Patterns

kidney bean-shaped of Balantidium coli cyst

Balantidium coli cyst in a stool specimen, a kidney bean-shaped macronucleus is observed.

Leukocytes Morphology

Anaerobic Bacteria Bacilli and Cocci

triple phosphate crystal

triple phosphate crystal in urine

triple phosphate crystal in urine It can be found in chronic cystitis and enlarged prostate   Source:
Auer rods

Auer Rods in malignant cells

Auer rods are elongated structures seen in malignant cells of the neutrophil lineage. Mostly, seen in myeloblasts – but you can see them in any stage of maturation (even in mature ...

Segmented Neutrophil

Iron Defiency Anemia Case Study

69-year old female who presented with fatigue and weakness. here is her lab tests and peripheral blood smear RBC: 4.09 x 10 12/L Hemoglobin: 8.3 g/dL Hematocrit: 27.0% MCV: 66 fL MCH: ...

the equipment necessary to perform a venipuncture

shapes of RBCs

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