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amoprhous urate

Amorphous urates appearance in normal urine

Amorphous urates are normal in urine. Appearance: often appear in noncrystalline amorphous form. Have yellowish-brown (pinkish) granular appearance. In urine with uric acid in it, ...
How we report white blood cells count in urinalysis

How we report white blood cells count in urinalysis

Learn how we report wbc count in high power field of Urinalysis
Streptococcus pneumoniae and viridans colonies

Streptococcus pneumoniae colonies

Streptococcus pneumoniae colonies have a flattened and depressed center after 24-48 hours of growth on Blood Agar, whereas the viridans streptococci retain a raised center
Cholesterol crystals

Cholesterol crystals in Urine

Cholesterol crystals are abnormal in urine Appearance: clear, flat plates with notched corners. The appearance of cholesterol is associated with the Nephrotic Syndrome. Cholesterol ...
Leucine Crystal

Leucine crystals in Urine

Leucine crystals are abnormal in urine Appearance: yellow-brown spheroids with concentric rings around the outer edge and radial striations in the center. Leucine crystals may be ...
Tyrosine Crystals

Tyrosine crystals In Urine

Tyrosine crystals are abnormal in urine Appearance: colorless to yellow-brown single needles. Also seen as sheaves or rosettes. Tyrosine crystals may be seen in tyrosinemia and ...
Spectrophotometer and Photometer

Spectrophotometer and Photometer how they work ?

Squamous epithelial cells (arrows)

Squamous epithelial cells in Urine Sediment

Squamous epithelial cells These are often present in the urinary sediment They are large and irregularly shaped, with a small nucleus and fine granular cytoplasm  
Dihydrate Calcium Oxalate - Envelope Shape

Different Forms of Calcium Oxlalate crystals

Calcium Oxlalate crystals are normal in urine. Appearance: colorless, many forms: Dihydrate: octahedral (“envelope”) is most common Monohydrate: dumbbell, ovoid, or ...
Bilirubin crystals

Bilirubin crystals in hepatic disorders

Bilirubin crystals are abnormal crystals in urine. Appearance: Yellow-brown needles or granules. They are frequently attached to the surface of cells. Bilirubin crystals are seen ...
Cystine Crystals ,colorless, thin, hexagonal plates

Cystine Crystals in Urine

Cystine Crystals are abnormal in urine. Appearance: colorless, thin, hexagonal plates. Cystine crystals are found in the inherited condition, cystinuria. Cystine crystals are the most ...
Unfertilized egg of A. lumbricoides

Unfertilized egg of Ascaris. lumbricoides

Unfertilized egg of A. lumbricoides. Note the prominent mammillations on the outer layer.  
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