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How to perform Manual Differential Count

  LAB OBJECTIVE To determine the relative number of each type of white cell present in the blood by performing differential cell counts on five relatively normal blood smears ...

Hanging drop preparation for bacteria motility study

  preparation using petroleum jelly to seal the cover glass to the slide.   Watch This Video

Streaking for Isolation of Bacterial Colonies on an Agar


Malachite green stain

Place the slide over a beaker of boiling water When there is condensation under the slide, flood with 5% solution of Malachite green stain 1min Wash in tap water Add 0.5% safranine ...

Serum Albumin

Albumin is the predominant plasma protein. It has no known enzymatic or hormonal activity, and accounts for approximately 50% of the protein found in human plasma. Its normal concentrations ...

Chocolate agar (CHOC) or chocolate blood agar (CBA)

Chocolate agar is a non-selective, enriched growth medium. It is a variant of the blood agar plate, containing red blood cells that have been lysed by slowly heating to 80 °C. Chocolate ...

Blastocystis hominis cyst-like forms in wet mounts

Blastocystis hominis appear as spherical to oval cyst-like structures. They vary widely in size (5 to 30 µm; usual range 8 to 10 µm), and typically consist of a central body, or ...

Division patterns among cocci


Neisseria gonorrhoeae in electron microscope

  Neisseria gonorrhoeae diplococcus by electron microscope , notice capsule and many pili on surface , those pili enable the bacteria to adhere to human cells.

The criteria of a good blood film

  Free from holes caused by grease or dirt on the slide. Not wavy film due to jerky movement during spreading. Free from clear streaks resulted from chipped edge of the spreader ...
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