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Streaking pattern of urine specimen


Urine Crystals Forms


Hippuric Acid Crystals

  Hippuric Acid crystals are rarely seen – yellow-brown or colorless elongated prisms or plates and maybe so thin to resemble needles and they often cluster together it’s ...

Using KOH Test as Gram stain confirmation

  the KOH test is a confirmation test of the Gram stain, especially with difficult bacterial species. The Gram stain is the basis for identification & classification in ...

difference between Plasma and Serum

Plasma is the supernatant obtained after centrifugation of blood collected into a test tube containing anticoagulant to prevent clotting Several anticoagulants are used in laboratory ...

Fungi Hyphae

hyphae (the plural from hypha) is a long, branching filamentous structure of a fungus and also found in  Actinobacteria. hyphae are collectively together called a mycelium A ...

E. coli and a non-lactose fermentation

MacConkey agar inoculated with lactose-fermenting Escherichia coli (at left) and non-lactose-fermenting Proteus (at right). Lactose-fermenting bacteria appear bright pink, while non-lactose-fermenting ...

Ammonium biurate Crystals

  Appearance: Ammonium biurate crystals are yellowish-brown and can be seen in a “thorn apple” shape (round with thorny projections) or in spherical form. Chemical ...

Platelet Clumping or Aggregation

the clump of platelets on peripheral blood smear are usually duo to poorly anticoagulated blood or In vitro artifact caused by EDTA or cold and leads to false low platelet count.

Streptococcus Classification based on blood hemolysis

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