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Bacteria Urease and Oxidase Test Result List

The best way to memorize urease positive organisms is using the pnemonic ‘PUNCH’ P-Proteus U-Ureaplasma N-Nocardia C-Cryptococcus H-Helicobacter

Pseudothrombocytopenia (PTP) observed with EDTA anticoagulants

Pseudothrombocytopenia (PTP) is defined by falsely low platelet counts on automated analyzers and is caused by in vitro phenomena including large platelet aggregates in blood samples.

Indirect ELISA Diagram


MacKonkey Agar Medium


Casts in Urine

Micro-Haematocrit Method

Principle The blood mixed with anticoagulant is placed in a long capillary tube and centrifuge . the level reached by the column of erythrocytes is read with a scale reader . this ...

Staphylococcus – Hemolysis

Some bacteria produce hemolysins, exotoxins that cause red blood cells (RBC’s) to burst open (hemolyse).When these bacteria are cultured on blood agar, this hemolysis is visible ...

Myelocyte Morphology

– size :10-18 microns -nucleus: round or oval , N/C ratio is 50-65% , dark purple with coarser chromatin, usually no nucleolus . – cytoplasm : pink with prominent red-purple ...

Liver Function Tests

The hepatobiliary tree represents hepatic cells and biliary tract cells. Inflammation of the hepatic cells results in elevation in the alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase ...

Drumstick neutrophil in female

A normal neutrophil from a female showing a nucleus with four lobes and a ‘drumstick’.

Different Blasts on a smear

Trichomonas vaginalis trophozoites

Trophozoites of Trichomonas vaginalis are pyriform and 7-30 µm long. They have five flagella: four anteriorly directed flagella and one posteriorly along the outer membrane of the ...
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