Types of Anemia

The following are some of the most common anemias. They are arbitrarily grouped according to RBC color and size; other sources may group them in different ways. 1. Anemia Due to Bleeding: ...
CBC with megaloblastic anemia

CBC with megaloblastic anemia

CBC with megaloblastic anemia ==================== The CBC here shows a markedly increased MCV, typical for megaloblastic anemia. The MCV can be mildly increased in persons recovering ...
Megaloblastic and non-megaloblastic Anemia Interpretation Diagram

Macrocytosis and Macrocytic Anemia

The term macrocytosis describes the presence of macrocytes on a blood film, together with a raised mean corpuscular volume (MCV). It is a common finding in the results of an FBC and ...
Cabot Rings

Cabot rings seen in megaloblastic anemia

Cabot rings are ring shape, or figure-8, these inclusions represents nuclear cabot rings can be seen in megaloblastic anemia
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