Induce Chlamydospore formation of Candida albicans using Corn Meal Agar

  • Corn Meal Agar is used for the cultivation of fungi and the demonstration of chlamydospore production
  • Candida albicans is the etiological agent in candidiasis, which can range from a mild to severe infection of skin, nails, and mucous membranes. Several media formulations have been developed that will promote morphological or physiological characteristics in Candida albicans, and differentiate it from other Candida spp. and other genera. One of the most important differential characteristics of C. albicans is the ability to form chlamydospores on certain media. Corn Meal Agar stimulates sporulation of C. albicans, and is useful in suppressing certain other fungal growth. Chlamydospore production is an important diagnostic characteristic used in the identification of C. albicans.
Candida spp on Corn Meal Agar

Candida spp on Corn Meal Agar

Chlamydospore production on Corn Meal Agar

Chlamydospore production on Corn Meal Agar

Note: Candida dubliniensis is similar in appearance to C. albicans on cornmeal agar. It has terminal chlamydospores that occur in pairs or clusters.

Sources: HardyDiagnostics

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