Lymphocytes Variation


  • A: Normal small, mature lymphocyte.
  • B: Small “plasmacytoid” lymphocyte: this cell has increased amounts of darker blue cytoplasm than normal.
  • C: Another variant of a “plasmacytoid” lymphocyte. The adjacent neutrophil indicates the lymphocyte is small.
  • D: Another variant of a “plasmacytoid” lymphocyte with more abundant cytoplasm and a perinuclear clear zone.
  • E: A large reactive lymphocyte. This cell has cytoplasmic vacuoles, medium blue cytoplasm, but a coarse chromatin with no nucleoli.
  • F: A larger “plasmacytoid” lymphocyte.
  • G: Large reactive lymphocyte with a pleomorphic nucleus and smooth dark blue cytoplasm.
  • H: Large reactive lymphocyte with “bi-lobed” nucleus.
  • I: Large reactive lymphocyte with pleomorphic nucleus, deep blue cytoplasm and cytoplasmic vacuoles.
  • J: Another variant of a large reactive lymphocyte with a pleomorphic nucleus.


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