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How to make EDTA Bulbs ?

First add 4 mg of either disodium or dipotassium EDTA salt to 100 ml of deionized water. then add 0.2 ml of this solution to clean vials, then put these vials in incubator or hot air ...

Neomycin Blood Agar

Neomycin Blood Agar based on Columbia Agar enriched with 7% Horse Blood this formulation has been modified to include Neomycin, which will inhibit most gram-positive and gram-negative ...

Entamoeba coli parasite

Introduction: Entamoeba coli are a non-pathogenic ameba with world wide distribution. Its life cycle is similar to that of E. histolytica but it does not have an invasive stage and ...

Entamoeba hartmanni

Introduction Entamoeba hartmanni is a non-pathogenic amoeba with world wide distribution. Its life cycle is similar to that of E. histolytica but it does not have an invasive stage ...

P-LCR Parameter – Platelet large cell ratio

P-LCR means Platelet large cell ratio and it’s calculated in automated blood analyzers using this formula: P-LCR = P-LCC/PLT. PLT = Total Platelets Count. P-LCC = platelets ...

Coxsackie virus exanthem (hand-foot-mouth disease)

Coxsackie virus is responsible of Hand Foot And Mouth Disease, which present as diffuse eruptive vesiculopapules seen on hand,foot and mouth  

Reactivation of Herpes zoster virus

Reactivation of virus spreads along the dermatomal distribution of infected nerves and can occur many years after the initial infection.   It’s considered benign unless ...

A Schematic of the aPTT

Activated Partial Thromboplastin time (aPTT) , is common screening test done to evaluate function of the intrinsic clotting system.

Candida albicans KOH preparation

KOH Preparation showing branched and budding C. albicans

Entamoeba gingivalis

Entamoeba gingivalis was the first parasitic amoeba of humans to be described. It was recovered from the soft tartar between the teeth. it can also appear in sputum. so since morphologically ...

Cryptococcus neoformans capsule

Cryptococcus neoformans polysaccharide capsule is visible by india ink preparation in CSF from an AIDS patient with meningeoencephalitis

Spherule with endospores of Coccidioides

Endospores within a spherule in infected lung parenchema. Initial infection usually resolves spontaneously, but when immunity is compromised, dissemination to almost any organ can ...
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